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Templars Medical Remote & Rural division sources jobs for doctors in some of the most outlying locations in the UK and around the world. Whether you enjoy a quiet atmosphere or sense of adventure, you can combine a different way of working with new travel opportunities and in some instances regular trips to the same destination.

When considering job opportunities in new locations local knowledge is foremost in helping you make the right choice and our knowledge of the locations we supply and door-to-door service allows us to ensure you are fully informed of what to expect upon arrival. Opportunities vary from long term to short term or permanent placements.

LOCATIONSWorking in a rural and remote setting can take you to some stunning locations. Our relationship with several of the fourteen British Overseas Territories means we are able to offer job opportunities in some of the world’s most interesting and fascinating countries. Where we hold exclusive contracts, we will be the only agency in the recruitment market to offer you these vacancies.

You don’t always need to travel a long distance to experience something different. Working with clients on remote Scottish Highlands and islands, Isle of Man and The Channel Islands, the opportunity to combine your work commitments with time to travel allows you to explore new places as well as experience different models of practise.

REMOTE BASED HEALTHCAREThe demands of remote healthcare require an adaptable and flexible approach presenting the opportunity to challenge yourself and develop knowledge and skills.

Remote communities are likely to be spread across vast rural landscapes or several islands which means delivery of healthcare services presents challenges. The aim, when providing remote healthcare is to deliver services which meet the needs of remote communities, ensuring patients have access to adequate levels of care when needed. Large rural general hospitals, small community hospitals and GP practices will often work in partnership to each play an integral part in providing healthcare services.

Small community hospitals or GP practices will often be the nearest care provider and the first stop for a range of clinical conditions and at times major emergencies taking on responsibilities normally handled by a local hospital. Out of hours and emergency care cover requires doctors with an experienced medical background, high level of clinical experience and willingness to face new challenges.

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