Consultant Anaesthetist working on a remote island

Feedback from a Consultant Anaesthetist working on a remote island through Templars Medical

‘Travel and exploration to the ‘ends of the world’, has always been a dream of mine’

Approximately one year ago, I came to the decision I would like to start locum work alongside my permanent job. Templars Medical was a very good option to contact. Not only have I known them from previous work, but this agency also specialises in locum work in rural destinations. Travel and exploration to the ‘ends of the world’, has always been a dream of mine.

Since the beginning I have always been nicely treated by Templars. They have helped with plane tickets, dealing with hospitals, whilst ensuring I receive regular payments – all done efficiently and in time. My agent, Victoria calls me when an opportunity for work arises; or just to say hello, I am very happy with the service.

‘The type of work is different’

I am currently a Consultant Anaesthetist in a small, remote hospital. Working in a small community the type of work is different as it is not uncommon for patients to know somebody working in the hospital. Patients suffering from complex problems require a complex approach which means the interdisciplinary approach is very important. Medical and nursing staff must not keep to the boundaries of their specialities; there isn’t always enough cover in the required specialities.

Often remote hospitals have staff shortages and as the locum providing cover it is very important you become very familiar with local protocols and fast. This can be very

challenging and interesting work at the same time. I would recommend this type of work to experienced doctors as there may be instances where there is nobody else to call which some doctors could find very stressful.

‘The work is very rewarding’

In comparison the work is also very rewarding. Local people get to know you; they help you and recognise you and look forward to seeing you again. The working pattern means your time is mostly spent in the hospital. If you have some spare time, there is plenty to explore – historical places, outdoor and indoor sports (swimming, diving, running, walking, golf etc.). If you are lucky enough to have a weekend free to visit other islands this is a very good idea.

The hospital itself is an old building and is located within walking distance from the town. The shops including Tesco, Lidl and the Co-op provide everything you will need, and there are plenty of smaller local shops also. There are hotels, restaurants and coffee shops if you are looking for a treat.

‘In summary’

In summary small remote hospitals are nice environments to work for skillful, experienced healthcare staff prepared to provide care for the local remote community.

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