Supported transition to working as a GP in the UK

Working in partnership with NHS Health Education England, Templars Medical provides a fully supported and personalised transition to working as a GP (General Practitioner) in the UK.

This is a unique opportunity for EU-trained GPs/Family Medicine doctors to receive personal, educational and financial support. Templars Medical has supported many GPs to successfully relocate to England over the last 5 years making us the first choice when considering international relocation.

General Practice in the UK offers a rewarding and diverse career as well as progression and professional development. This NHS programme provides a supported route for GPs who are looking to join the NHS.

Beginning your journey with us means we can work closely with you, providing assistance and support throughout every step of the process.

You will have a dedicated contact at Templars Medical who will:

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I took the decision of working in the UK mainly because I had the support of Templars Medical. Their team was so supportive, friendly and trusting from the beginning and it was so easy for me to enrol on the project and make the step to move to England. Templars turned every difficult part of the path into an easy one and everything was explained clearly and without any misunderstanding. They were very interested not only in the professional aspect but in the personal and I felt understood and supported every time I hesitated. They were empathetic and they showed a high level of professionalism. Their experience in bringing doctors from all over the world makes them a real value for anyone who would like to move from overseas. I would highly recommend Templars Medical to anyone who would like to explore any GP options in The UK as I firmly believe this will be the safest, easiest and simplest way to achieve your goals.’’

Dr R. Pliego Cosano GP/A&E doctor – Relocated: November 2020

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