St. Helena Island

With a remote location and laid-back lifestyle, St Helena Island provides an opportunity to experience a different work environment.

Templars Medical has supplied healthcare professionals to this remote location for several years on both a short, fixed-term and permanent basis. Opportunities are available to doctors and nurses.

When considering job opportunities in new locations local knowledge is foremost in helping you make the right choice, and our knowledge of St Helena Island means you will be supported door-to-door and fully informed of what to expect upon arrival.

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Our service to you

Our experience and knowledge of recruiting for St Helena means we:

  • Provide information on every aspect of working on the Island.
  • Ensure your travel and relocation needs are managed door to door.
  • Manage the pre-employment checks and application forms with you.
  • Put you in touch with colleagues who have experience of working on the Island.
  • Advise on the local area and where to visit.

About St. Helena Island

St Helena Island is a small remote island, some 47 square miles in size and situated in the South Atlantic Ocean, approximately 4900 miles from the UK. St Helena is a British Overseas Territory and encompasses Ascension and Tristan da Cunha Islands. Composed of largely rugged terrain due to its volcanic origin, the highest point of the island is Diana’s Peak at 818 metres. Coastal areas are covered in volcanic rock and are warmer and drier than the centre.

The climate is tropical, marine, and mild, tempered by the Benguela current and trade winds which blow almost continuously. The climate varies noticeably across the island. Temperatures in Jamestown, on the north leeward shore, range 21–28 °C (70–82 °F) in the summer (January to April) and 17–24 °C (63–75 °F) during the remainder of the year.

A minibus offers a basic service to carry people around the Island, with most services designed to take people into the capital Jamestown. Car hire is available for visitors from approximately £30 per day.

With a population of circa 4000 the Island has over 5000 visitors, largely due to the opening of the airport in 2017. The Island boasts a golf course, the opportunity for sportfishing and climbing destinations which include Jacob’s Ladder and Diana’s Peak. The lifestyle is truly relaxed, where children play outdoors, and the locals stand and chat in the streets. Fresh fish and local fruit are available in abundance. There are plenty of sporting opportunities on the Island including football, cricket, golf, moto cross and mountain biking.

The Island has its own currency, the St Helena pound, which is at parity with the pound sterling and the government produces its own coinage and banknotes. The Bank of St Helena has branches in Jamestown, Georgetown, and Ascension Island.

Further Information

The Health Directorate manages the single general hospital which is in Jamestown. The hospital has an intensive care unit, an operating theatre, a radiology suite with CT-scan, Xray, mammography and ultrasound facilities. There are 4 outpatient clinic sites in Jamestown, and 3 other outlying districts. They work closely with the social care services directorate to ensure care home residents receive relevant care and assurance of safeguarding measures for children and adults. They support the police and prison services to offer care to those in custody including limited forensic services. The core services include Community Nursing and Primary Health Care Services; Dental and Pharmacy Services; Hospital/Acute Services; Environmental Health and Laboratory Services.

Patients with complex needs or requiring specialist interventions are referred overseas, mainly to South Africa and minimal numbers to the UK. Decision for overseas referral is based on clinical need, expected outcome and available funding.

Charges are payable for treatment. Costs for primary care for the local population, and emergency treatment for UK residents are modest. Comprehensive medical insurance is compulsory for visitors and non-residents.

St Helena is one of the most remote islands in the world. It has one commercial airport, and since air traffic opened in 2017, the Island is more accessible.

Mandatory pre-employment checks will need to be undertaken in the UK by Templars in addition to the pre-employment checks required in line with your application. Templars Medical will help with any document requirements as part of your application.

Full registration with the General Medical Council, or equivalent professional body is required, along with confirmation of good standing with a licensing authority.

If you want to work in St Helena for a short time, you are allowed to stay there and work for up to six months on a short-term entry permit issued on arrival and you do not need additional permission to work.

You will require the appropriate professional indemnity cover which will be organised by yourself, although we would be happy to assist with this.