With activities to suit every need, Gibraltar provides an opportunity to experience a different work environment.

Templars Medical has supplied healthcare professionals to St Bernard’s Hospital in Gibraltar for several years on both a short, fixed-term and permanent basis. Opportunities are available to doctors, nurses, and allied health professionals.

When considering job opportunities in new locations local knowledge is foremost in helping you make the right choice, and our knowledge of Gibraltar means you will be supported door-to-door and fully informed of what to expect upon arrival.

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Our service to you

Our experience of recruiting for St Bernard’s Hospital means we:

  • Provide information on every aspect of working in Gibraltar.
  • Book all your travel needs, door to door.
  • Manage the pre-employment checks and application forms with you.
  • Put you in touch with colleagues who have experience of working in the hospital.

About Gibraltar

Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory located on the southern Mediterranean coast of Spain; English is the official language with Spanish widely spoken. With a population of around 35000, it is a small peninsula of circa 3 square miles in area. Gibraltar is an important British military base used primarily for training and largely due to the good climate and rocky terrain.

About 2 hours+ from the UK, Gibraltar boasts a Mediterranean climate with sunshine for most of the year and Summer temperatures peaking around 28 degrees. The ‘Mountain of Tariq’, commonly known as the Rock of Gibraltar is said to have a protective influence on the island’s microclimate, shielding it from extreme hot or cold weather. The Rock is 426 metres high with most of the upper area covered by a nature reserve and home to hundreds of Barbary macaques.

Tourism is high and one of the main industries for Gibraltar. The amount of sunshine each year and beautiful beaches are a significant draw for visitors coupled with the easy access to restaurants, cafes, and bars. You can enjoy numerous outdoor activities, the scenic coastal views, birdwatching, (Gibraltar is a thoroughfare for birds migrating to Africa from Europe each year), with opportunity for dolphin-watching through boat excursions every day, year-round.

There are frequent buses operating, with a day pass costing around £2.25. Buses from Gibraltar do not cross into Spain or vice versa, but La Linea bus station is only 400m north of the Gibraltar border where buses stop regularly. Ferries sail from Gibraltar to Morocco weekly with a journey time of 80 minutes.

Gibraltar has a strong economy with low unemployment rates. The main source of income is through shipping trade, offshore banking and tourism. Local currency is the Gibraltar Pound.

Further Information

The Gibraltar Health Authority (GHA) was set up under the Medical (Gibraltar Health Authority) Act 1987 and its purpose is to provide health care in Gibraltar. Though not technically part of the UK NHS the GHA delivers care through a framework modelled closely to the NHS. Primary, secondary, and mental health care services are provided locally, and services are free to those who are eligible.

Employing around 1000 people the GHA deals with approximately 37000 emergency attendances, 40000 outpatients and 90000 GP visits each year. There are 3 main sites; the Primary Care Centre; St Bernard’s Hospital and Ocean Views Mental Health Facility. In 2017 a new Dementia Day Facility was opened to accommodate up to 90 patients.

St Bernard’s Hospital is an acute hospital with 210 beds providing medical and surgical in-patient care: outpatient and emergency medicine services. The hospital has a maternity unit, paediatric ward, surgical wards, medical wards, critical care unit, operating theatres, radiology, pathology, rehabilitation, ambulance and CSSD services. There are two elderly care wards managed by the Care Agency Elderly Residential Services. Some tertiary care is provided by the NHS and Spanish hospitals because of their close location. Visiting Consultants from the UK provide care for paediatric neurology, plastic and cardiothoracic surgery.

The flight to Gibraltar is about 2.5 hours from the UK with flights operating from most of the main regional airports. Templars Medical will arrange all flight bookings and airport transfers if required and return flight costs are generally covered by the GHA. You will be responsible for arranging your own travel insurance.

Specific pre-employment checks will need to be undertaken by Templars Medical in addition to the pre-employment checks required in line with your application. We will help with any document requirements as part of the application.

  • Proof of identity and right to work
  • Professional registration
  • Qualifications and training
  • Employment history and professional references
  • Criminal records
  • Medical screening

All healthcare professionals practicing in Gibraltar must hold valid registration with their professional and regulatory body.