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Templars Medical has extensive experience in supporting our clients with their workforce needs. We are an approved supplier on the HealthTrust Europe Total Workforce Solutions, NHS Collaborative Procurement Partnership and NHS Scotland frameworks supplying multiple NHS organisations in addition to holding exclusive contracts in the UK and British Overseas Territories.

Our approach Our approach is to work in partnership and build strong relationships with our clients focusing on delivering continual improvements in relation to both quality and cost. Working closely with you allows us to identify key areas for improvement and make use of innovative recruitment models which aim to generate cost reduction. We are committed to providing a professional, supportive and friendly service which continually focuses on developing relationships and delivering on individual needs.

Locum recruitment Templars Medical has an extensive network of doctors available for full or part time locum work and we continually undertake recruitment activities to attract new doctors to supplement the database. Covering all regions of the UK we supply locum doctors across all grades and specialties.

Permanent recruitment The Templars Medical permanent division works with our current doctor network to continually identify candidates interested in permanent or fixed term positions in the UK. Recruiting candidates from both the UK and internationally we utilise various media and execute innovative recruitment methods to source suitable candidates in line with client demand.

Templars Medical adheres to the UK Code of Practice for international recruitment.


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